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Whether your water is supplied by a public municipality or a private well, used for residential or commercial purposes, our top of the line treatment products have the solution to provide you with simply...clean...water!

        Soft water makes a difference you can see and feel...

  • Soap and shampoo lathers better and won't leave soap scum on your bathtubs and sinks

  • Dishes clean more easily and dry spot free

  • Water heater and appliances last longer with less maintenance


Pro H2O WS1 Softeners by Charger

  • Computerized systems regenerate automatically based on actual water usage. If you are away on vacation or have guests visiting, the control will adjust accordingly to compensate for less or more water usage. Since this type of unit only regenerates when necessary, it is the most efficient in salt usage.

  • Double back wash feature offers optimum regeneration, cleaning ability and efficiency.

  • Down flow and Up flow regeneration

  • Coin Cell Lithium battery back up

Whole Home Filters

Enjoy cleaner, safer, better tasting water throughout your home

Remove chemical contaminants from pesticides, petroleum, solvents, lead, mercury, volatile organics, chlorine and more...

Our whole home filters are full size, 4ft tanks to ensure proper removal of harmful chemicals and contaminants

Iron and H2S Filters

  • Eliminate iron stains and offensive "rotten egg" odors

  • Protects your water softener equipment from iron fouling

  • Protects pipes from iron clogging and black oxidation

Reverse Osmosis System

  • 5 Stage filtering system

  • Color match faucet

  • 4.4 Gallon tank

  • 1:1 exchange - less water waste

  • Better then bottled quality water right at your finger tips

  • Filters out aluminum, fluoride, lead, arsenic, bacteria, mercury, nitrates, chlorine, phosphates, silver, copper, sodium, cyanide, zinc and more