Whole House Water Treatment

An increasing number of San Antonio residents already have a water filter attached to their kitchen sink or at least a mobile one that can offer enough purified water for drinking. However, because of the greater level of pollution, environmental injuries, and other environmental issues, the tap water can be more and more polluted. Thus it is recommended to invest in a whole house water filter.

Depending upon your needs you can find inexpensive water filters which can only be operated at the faucet that they are installed at or more expensive whole house systems that offer purified water in the whole home no matter what the water is used for. A whole house water filter in San Antonio may be a more expensive investment compared to many other water filters, however in the long term you’re better off with this type of filtering system because apart from supplying purified water to the whole home, it also adds value to your residence.

Another reason for investing in such a water filter is that it’s completely out of sight, thus it will not occupy space in your home and you do not need to put in multiple filters in different areas of your home. Whole home water filtration systems really are a fantastic way to replace the top counter or under counter water filters which provide drinking water and the shower filters providing purified water allowing you to take care of your body. 

The advantage of the whole home water filter in San Antonio is that by supplying purified water for the entire house, they are actually assisting you in maintaining your appliances, such as your washing machine dishwasher, sinks, basins, and hot tubs. With a home water filtration system set up you don’t need to be worried about if the faucet has the filter installed. Also, with a whole house water filter, you don’t need to think about not having enough filtered water to drink or even worse enough water to take a shower.

  • Effortless setup (inside or out )
  • Satisfaction warranty
  • Performance warranty
  • Softer skin and hair 
  • Excellent tasting coffee and tea

The research tells us chlorine is useful for treating water for bacteria. However, it will not get rid of the chemicals. Furthermore, the chlorine may have effects in our bodies in the long term.

Whole house water filters are the best method to help us get healthy by having filtered water not only to drink but also to wash fruits and vegetables and take showers. There is an abundance of chemicals and heavy metals in the water. Research also proves that the chlorine that is meant to sit in warm water to purify it is actually not healthy at all for your body even though it kills other dangerous bacteria which is in the water.

The great news about The Water Doctor’s water filters is that while they keep some of the chemicals and heavy metals outside, they still allow you to have the healthy minerals from the water. Also the filtered water does not have any odor, it’s not cloudy, just pure and clean. Your home may need a whole home water filter in San Antonio to get rid of the excess calcium that gets leached into the water.

Whole House Water filters is maximum filtration for all your needs. Maintenance is very low. Once a year for the Reverse Osmosis and change the carbon every two to three years.

Our whole house water filters have an advantage over the others because with a whole house water filter you get direct access to clean filtered water all from the comfort of your own kitchen. Any traces of sodium left will be removed with our reverse osmosis procedure creating ideal water for cooking and to use for coffee or tea. Unfiltered water may also lead to difficulty including corroding appliances and pipes, destroying clothing that is washed and stain showers or sinks. A whole house water filter extends the life span of your pipes by cutting the amount of rust and residue brought on by dirty water running through them.

Pure, Great-Tasting Water

For Drinking and Cooking


  • Pure, Good Tasting, Water Consistently Accessible
  • No Heavy Lifting & No Bottles to Store, reunite, or Throw Off
  • Pays for Itself in Less Than Two Years
  • Countertop, Portable, and Under-Sink Models
  • Gives Decades of Trouble Free Service
  • Effortless to Install, Even Easier to Maintain

We respect you and will not subject you to magical claims or mysterious pseudo-science. Sadly, there are a range of unscrupulous profiteers in this industry who’ll say just about whatever to catch a sale. We pride ourselves on accurate, factual, and verifiable benefits, and we do not utilize pseudo-scientific provisions to describe our procedure. We test our systems continuously; we can describe the criteria, how they have been developed, how they’re tested, the types of instruments used, etc.,. We don’t attempt to conceal, mislead, or mystify the procedure. 

If you’re looking for clean water look for The Water Doctor. Bringing truly clean water filtration systems to San Antonio. We’re confident as soon as you’ve examined and compared our systems you will know the choice is clear –choose The Water Doctor. 

public water supllies

Public Water Supplies are required by the State to have 0.5 PPM of Chlorine added to properly disinfect water within their distribution system
Chlorine (CI) has been used since the early 1900’s in the US and has virtually eliminated waterborne diseases such as Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery and Hepatitis A. According to the World Health Organization, the adoption of drinking water chlorination has been one of the most significant advances in public health protection
Chloramines (NH2CI) are the combination of Chlorine and Ammonia. Chlorine combined with organic matter can produce known carcinogens. When Ammonia is introduced, these by-products are reduced make the water safer

Chlorine The double edged sword

Chlorine kills microorganisms in water by damaging it’s cell membrane and destroying the DNA

There have been many health concerns
by the public regarding exposure to
chlorine in humans due to
trihalomethanes and other disinfection
by-products which are known

In drinking water, the concentration of
chlorine is not a concern in immediate
exposure. The health concerns that have
been raised are the long term risk due to
continual exposure to chlorinated water.

Advantages of Whole House Water Filter Systems

Shield your appliances and plumbing: Extend the lifespan of home appliances like washing machines, dishwasher, water heaters, and fixtures.

Experience cleaner, better tasting water from every tap in the entire house.

Easy to set up:No drain line or electric connections necessary

Low Running Costs: No backwash, regeneration, or electricity demanded. Just replace the filter cartridges when their useful life has been exhausted.

Sediment Filters remove rust, dirt, sand, grit, and other suspended solids.

Whole house water filters would be the perfect solution for people who are considering having a home that offers clean, drinkable water. A whole house water filter can help supplying quality drinking water throughout the house.  The Water Doctor’s home water filtration system provides benefits like removing impurities which lead to spotting in water that is utilized to clean dishes. 

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